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Our Programs have been developed to support all levels of our community.  We introduce a leading edge model which brings a new lens to look at our self and the world we operate within. It supports a new way of being for the 21st century and the generations to come.  It is fun and interactive and suitable for everyone.  Come and join us and experience it for yourself.


We run regular seminars on Ripple Energetics™ covering the model the philosophy and how this can help you create a new way of being. These seminars are designed to bring an understanding of how Ripple Energetics™ can support you to achieve all you desire out of life.

The seminars run from one to three hours and you will walk away full of energy from a fun session and with some great tools that you can apply to your personal or working life.

Seminars can be run for your business as well to give you a sample of the full workshops, or to provide your employees with a fun session with some practical help to better understand yourselves as individuals and the world you operate within.

Alternatively if you are part of a community group invite us to come and share with you some of these philosophies, and how they can help communities collaborate more successfully and learn about the impact we all have on each other.

If you work in areas relating to Education and are interested in having us present to students please contact us as we have a product designed to teach our youth and their teachers about how to view their world differently and using fun to provide them with practical coping mechanisms for life.

As part of our values around giving back to society we offer free Not For Profit seminars. If you are a school or community group that would like to discuss this please contact us.

Upcoming Seminars

Asia Pacific, UK and Europe schedule due out shortly

Discover Ripple Energetics™

"Our endeavour in part, is to live in a state of balance and  harmony. Our environment and our own self however, can tend to "knock" this around and move us away from that balanced state"

- Tracey Penington, Director, Ripple Energetics