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A major part of our Values is giving back to the Community.  We run regular Not for Profit programs to support our broader community.

If you are a group or an organisation that is interested in our support, please contact us directly.  We can tailor all our programs to support your needs and the audience.

We also have a number of regular programs that we run in various community centres to support health and wellbeing within our community.

Please see our Event timetable for programs and workshops in your area or Contact us now to get further information.

Ripple Energetics™ Skills for Life

This introductory workshop gives an overview of how Ripple Energetics™ works and how it can be applied to understanding yourself and the world you operate within. Suitable for anyone wanting to have some fun and walk away with a greater understanding of how these tools and techniques can help you change your life.

Ripple Energetics™ Discovering Your Dream

This workshop is for anyone who has a dream or wants to discover their purpose in life. Using the Ripple Energetics model and Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques discover your innate potential for greatness and set yourself a plan to achieve it. During the workshop you will work through any self-limiting beliefs and blocks and remove them so you are successful in finding and living your purpose for being here.

Ripple Energetics™ for Balance & Harmony

This workshop is for anyone who suffers from too much stress or tension and wants to learn techniques to relax. It will help create a better understanding of self and the world you operate within.  This workshop is focused on teaching individuals to maintain balance and harmony both at home and in the workplace. It brings to life an understanding of Energy as it relates to the physical, mental and emotional state.

Discover Ripple Energetics™

"The great gift of the human imagination is that it has no limits or ending."

- Jim Rohn