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We work alongside our clients to understand your areas of focus and then design a program that supports you and your business to achieve this using the Ripple Energetics™ model. The Ripple Energetics™ program will help you enhance your business at all levels.  Increased sales, happy customers, happy employees, a thriving business. Experience the latest leading edge programs that will totally change how you view and operate your business. Come and join us now.

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Ripple Energetics™ Introductory Workshop

This introductory workshop gives an overview of how Ripple Energetics™ works and how it can be applied to business. Suitable for all levels of business. Workshops can be tailored for different sessions as needed.

Ripple Energetics™ for Leaders

A workshop specifically designed for Leaders. It brings leading edge thinking to how we lead in the 21st century. Applying disciplines such as Quantum Physics, Sociology, Bioenergetics, NLP, Psychology and systems thinking. This workshop helps Leaders understand and operate from within a whole new paradigm. These are our Leaders of the future!

Ripple Energetics™ for Business

A workshop designed for everyone within business. From the individuals that make up the team, through to the overall teams within the business, a new lens is applied for all to look through. Learn new tools and applications that are fun to use and help set up a whole new culture for the 21st Century workplace.

Ripple Energetics™ Culture

Whether wanting to establish a new culture or change your existing culture, let us work with you and show you how Ripple Energetics™ will benefit you. We will help you develop and build a strong healthy culture that will support ongoing sustainable performance.

Ripple Energetics™ for Change

Change is a constant within all business but for many reasons is often not embedded in a way that is sustainable. Ripple Energetics™ brings a new approach to leading and implementing change. Whether your business is going through change or you are leading change, this workshop is for you. We will teach you how to use Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques couple with our change cycle to implement sustainable lasting change.

Ripple Energetics™ Wellness in the Workplace

Did you know...a study completed in 2011 showed that Australian business is losing $7 billion a year in lost productivity due to poor health.

And in that same study ONLY 11.6% of Australians rated their workplace a healthy place to live!

Join us now to learn new ways to support yourself, and your business to create a healthy place to work. Learn new ways to reduce stress and create balance and harmony in all that you do.  Watch your results soar!  This program will not only help you in the workplace but with your home life as well.  Come and join us for a fun and interactive workshop which will help you transform yourself and your workplace.

Discover Ripple Energetics™

"All breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs."

- Michael Nolan